The Road Warrior

The Road Warrior

Directed by
George Miller

Road WarriorWe’re pregaming for FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA (playing at much bigger theaters near you May 15) with a double-up of our favorite Mad Max “sagas”, beginning with the finest hour of Mel Gibson’s tenure in the role: 1981’s stone cold action classic THE ROAD WARRIOR, aka MAD MAX 2.

Screening in an optional double feature with MAD MAX: FURY ROAD on Saturday 3/27 and Monday 3/29!

After avenging the death of his wife and young son at the hands of a vicious gang leader, Max (Mel Gibson) drives the post-apocalyptic highways of the Australian outback, fending off attacks from nomadic tribes that prey on outsiders. Falling into an encampment led by the relatively peaceful Pappagallo (Mike Preston), Max at first schemes to steal their oil, but soon becomes the group’s reluctant defender against the hulking Humungus (Kjell Nilsson) and his ruthless marauders.

“Exhilarating entertainment — and a textbook for sophisticated, popular moviemaking.” – Time Magazine



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