The Dragon Lives Again

The Dragon Lives Again

Directed by
Law Kei

Dragon Lives AgainThe multiverse has never been filled with this much madness. Easily one of the most unhinged and surreal martial arts spectacles to ever escape from Hong Kong, THE DRAGON LIVES AGAIN finds the spirit of Bruce Lee (Bruce Leung Siu-lung) battling through the Underworld against Dracula, James Bond, The Godfather, “The Exorcist,” Emmanuelle, some mummies, and more. But he’s not alone! Along the way, Bruce befriends the One-Armed Swordsman, Caine from the TV show “Kung Fu”, and last but not least, Popeye the Sailor.

Join us for a bugnuts Late Show nightcap following our Asian Film Festival (8/27), with encores Sunday and Monday! You may have seen the poster for this on our lobby wall, but nothing can properly prepare you for this hellbound “Brucesploitation” odyssey!

English Dub


Saturday 8/27Sunday 8/28Monday 8/29
10:30 pm
8:30 pm
6:30 pm