Scruffy City Sisters present


Directed by
John Waters

Cry BabyWe’re pleased to be teaming up with Knoxville’s most off-the-wall queer advocacy group for a John Waters mini-retro as the Scruffy City Sisters Exalt The Pope Of Trash! First up in the series: Johnny Depp kicks off his career as a film star by lampooning his heartthrob status in Waters’ riff on the moral panic teen movie, the first of the director’s films to be made with anything approaching a real Hollywood budget.

Allison (Amy Locane) is a “square” good girl who has decided she wants to be bad and falls hard for greaser (or “drape” in John Waters parlance) Cry-Baby Walker (Johnny Depp). Spoofing Elvis movies and Juvenile Delinquency scare films of the ’50s, this movie follows the adventures of Cry-Baby as he’s determined to cross class (and taste) boundaries to get Allison back after a stint in juvie.

“Adds up to zany, wide-eyed, quintessential Waters havoc — the ‘kinder, gentler’ 1990s brand, perhaps. But the genuine article, nonetheless.” – Seattle Times

The Scruffy City Sisters will be spreading the word about their community mission before each screening, and invite the audience to join them afterward at Club XYZ, where your Central Cinema ticket will get you in the door for free!



Friday 4/26
7:00 pm