Adopt-An-Arm Is Back… Act Quick!


Our custom armrests are officially sold out! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this opportunity… we plan to install our seating early next week, and can’t wait to see and share how it all looks.


We’ve been blown away by how many people have contributed to our GoFundMe page over the last year, but without a doubt our favorite period of the campaign was when we introduced our “Adopt-An-Arm” project this spring… and we’re excited to announce that our final batch of customized armrests are available to film fans who want to help give us one last shot in the arm before we debut next month!

First a little background. Central Cinema’s auditorium seating was gifted to us this winter by the wonderful folks at Asheville’s Grail Moviehouse, and as we were sprucing up the seats we had an idea: what if we let Central Cinema supporters commemorate their favorite films as a semi-permanent part of our theater? So we offered up a $100 GoFundMe perk where fans choose a favorite film to be incorporated onto an armrest along with their name. It proved extremely popular, and we were wowed as always by Knoxville’s good taste… but we cut it off at about 75% sold for fear that we’d accidentally oversell.

Now we’ve got all our math done and are feeling good about it, so: there are just 25 armrests left to claim, get ’em while they’re hot, we can’t wait to see what you pick. (Please look through the list linked below to make sure your favorite hasn’t already been added to our collection.)

Price is $100 plus tax, and all of it will be put toward the home stretch of getting Central Cinema up and running. We appreciate you, and can’t wait to share all of this fun with you.

Name on Armrest
Movie Selection