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With public screenings out of commission, private events are key to our theater’s survival! Central Cinema’s private venue rentals give you full control over your audience & experience, and allow us to offer enhanced comfort and safety. Book yours now to get in on our limited-time pricing!


Base pricing for custom private facility rentals is $200 or $250 depending on the time of day, plus a $75 concession stand guarantee. (100% of guest drink, snack & merchandise purchases count toward the guarantee, with the rental host covering the balance if applicable.) Options include custom programs, movies, or video gaming; additional licensing fees may apply.

Private Rentals are intended to be unadvertised and invite-only, with no admission fee; any cost-sharing arrangements are to be handled privately between the renter & their guests.


Due to reckless behavior by our community and government, Tennessee is in the midst of an extreme COVID outbreak. Though we continue to offer our private rental service, we politely require that your group observe the following safety guidelines:

  • groups are currently limited to no more than 15 individual guests
  • masks must be worn when not actively eating/drinking
  • seats must be chosen with a minimum of ten feet between households
  • guests are asked to limit indoor socializing to the greatest possible degree, particularly in our hallway and lobby

By submitting an inquiry below, you agree to respect these guidelines without pushback or unnecessary prompting. Refunds are not available if your group is ejected for noncompliance.

Get the ball rolling now on your private event:

Rental Inquiry Form