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With public screenings out of commission, private events are key to our theater’s survival! Central Cinema’s private venue rentals give you full control over your audience & experience, and allow us to offer enhanced comfort and safety. Book yours now to get in on our limited-time pricing!


Base pricing for custom private facility rentals is $200 or $250 depending on the time of day, plus a $75 concession stand guarantee. (100% of guest drink, snack & merchandise purchases count toward the guarantee, with the rental host covering the balance if applicable.) Options include custom programs, movies, or video gaming; additional licensing fees may apply.

Private Rentals are intended to be unadvertised and invite-only, with no admission fee; any cost-sharing arrangements are to be handled privately between the renter & their guests.


To ensure a comfortable experience, we are currently limiting events to 25 individual guests.  We require that safe behaviors be observed during the rental, including mask use, socially distanced seating, and minimal face-to-face socializing.

Get the ball rolling now on your private event!

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