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Host an Event

Central Cinema was born out of the Knoxville Horror Film Fest's search for the perfect venue to share the movies we love, and we're happy to offer a variety of client-side services so anyone can set up their own film event.

Partnered Screenings
Our Partnered Screenings offer Knoxville the opportunity to curate its own night out at the movies! Whether it’s putting your business’ brand on a surefire classic, drawing attention to your group’s pet cause with a documentary screening, or even surprising a friend on their birthday with a favorite film, Central Cinema will work to make your event a reality.

Benefits & Fundraisers
Though our Partnered Screenings are typically regularly-priced showings structured to divide their box office success between Central Cinema and the event’s creator, we’re happy to make exceptions for worthy causes, including negotiable admission prices and increased revenue sharing.

Special Events
Got more in mind for your event than just a standard film screening? Central Cinema is happy to expand our repertoire by hosting any events suited to our facility, from film festivals and premieres to live comedy and minimalist theater.

Community Outreach
We believe the movies are a powerful medium, and we’re dedicated to ensuring underrepresented groups in our community have the opportunity to see their lives reflected on the big screen and share that experience with their friends and neighbors. If you’ve got an idea for a film screening or other event that would help further these goals let us know and we’ll work on bringing it to life.

If you'd like to set up an event at Central Cinema, please email us with and for more information.

Private Rentals

Central Cinema is available to rent for a variety of closed-to-the-public engagements, from birthday parties & employee gatherings to business meetings & video post-production screenings.

Standard Private Rental fees range from $225 (weekday mornings) to $750 (Friday & Saturday nights), but you’ll pay less if your crowd comes hungry & thirsty… every dollar spent at our concession stand also knocks a dollar off your bill, covering up to 33% of the total rental fee. (Please note that additional licensing fees may be required for film screenings.

Private events are intended to be unadvertised and invite-only. (Please see our Custom Events options if you wish to charge admission and/or be open to the general public.) Prices quoted are for a 2.5-hour rental period.

Special Private Rental Rate: Kids Birthday Parties
Throw your child a birthday to remember at Central Cinema!
$250 flat rental fee; add $50 for all-you-can-eat popcorn.

Special price is for a 2-hour rental period. Eligible start times run 10am-2pm weekdays or 10am-11am Saturday & Sunday unless existing programming conflicts. Special promotional rate is offered for children turning 12 & under. Outside party foods like cake & juice boxes are welcome, but skimping on adult snacks to boost concession sales is surely appreciated.

Advertise with Us

We offer a variety of advertising options for local businesses interested in reaching our wide-ranging audience.

Slideshow Advertising
Our pre-show reel runs for twenty minutes before every film screening, looping a variety of 10-second still advertisements, PSAs & cheeky quiz items while the audience get settled. This format affords us a lot of flexibility: keep your daily specials and event calendars up to date, or serve specific ads to different audiences from families to night owls. We'll even design and update your ads if needed.

Video Advertising
Each Central Cinema screening kicks off with a brief video package of movie trailers & local ads. Send us an existing ad, or brainstorm with our team on a custom video production!

Sponsored Screenings
Want to sponsor one of our monthly series, or a specific film from our standard programming? We'll include your logo in our marketing and discuss creative promotional options.

If you'd like to become an advertiser with Central Cinema, please email us.