TAMIS & The Public Cinema present


Directed by
Barbara Loden

This month’s free TAMIS Presents screening finds the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound teaming up with long-running local screening series The Public Cinema to present Barbara Loden’s Wanda, reclaimed in recent years as a miracle of both feminist and independent film.

Wanda (Barbara Loden) is a wanderer in a dreary Rust Belt town, drifting from bars to motels, jobs to jobs and men to men. She’s directionless and futureless, an aging beauty seen by men as usable and disposable. She hands over custody of her children because she knows they’re better with their father. She eventually tags along with Norman Dennis (Michael Higgins), a petty criminal on the run. He’s desperate, disreputable and abusive, but Wanda, meekly accepting her fate, still sleeps with him.

“If there is a female counterpart to John Cassavetes, Barbara Loden is it.” – The New Yorker

” ‘Realism’ doesn’t entirely do justice to the world Wanda inhabits, which, for all the grit and grunge of its bars and diners and factory floors, is also a world of startling everyday beauty.” – LA Times

• Rated

Barbara Loden, Michael Higgins, Dorothy Shupenes