Blühen Botanicals presents

The Hemp Road Trip

Directed by
D.J. Nicke & Steven Anthony Khoury

This FREE documentary screening event is presented by our friends at Blühen Botanicals, who are on the cutting edge of East Tennessee’s bourgeoning hemp/CBD industry and are eager to share Rick Trojan’s colorful activism with Knoxville audiences.

What is hemp? What can it be used for? Why is this plant illegal? These are the questions Rick Trojan answers as he travels to all 50 US states, speaking with politicians, farmers, entrepreneurs, and everyday citizens. Sometimes he is welcomed, sometimes the police are called on him, but it is always entertaining. After 4 US tours, you can finally join Rick on a journey around the USA on his ‘Hemp bus’ as he educates, informs and entertains.

• Rated

D.J. Nicke, Rick Trojan