FREE! Stark Love (1927) with Live Score

FREE! Stark Love (1927) with Live Score

Directed by
Karl Brown

Stark LoveSilent-era cinematographer Karl Brown made his directorial debut with this unique passion project shot on location in the Great Smoky Mountains near Robbinsville, NC and intended to probe Appalachian “hillbilly” life beyond their burgeoning screen stereotype as feud-prone moonshiners. Lost for decades before a print turned up in a Czechoslovakian film archive in the late 1960s, this obscure Paramount silent (currently unavailable via home video and streaming) stars Knoxville natives Helen Mundy and Forrest James in their sole screen roles.

Presented by Smoky Mountain Radio and the Knoxville History Project as part of KHP’s multi-day Birth of a National Park in the Smokies event, this rare screening (presented digitally) will feature a live score by the Tennessee Theatre’s house organist Freddie Brabson and introductory remarks by Jack Neely and Bradley Reeves.

Atypically literate Rob Warwick (Forrest James) begins to push back against the traditional values of his cloistered mountain community, particularly the treatment of women as glorified slaves. He enlists his neighbor Barbara (Helen Mundy) in a plot to escape to the wider world beyond their mountain home, but his father (Silas Miracle) has very different plans for the two youths.

English Intertitles


Thursday 7/25
7:00 pm