Reefer Madness

Directed by
Louis J. Gasnier

How else would we celebrate the high holiday? Check out the American Genre Film Archive’s new 2k presentation of this notorious green scare agitprop, including vintage trailers, commercials and other ephemera!

“This is the Jaws of midnight movies.” — New York Times

From AGFAReefer Madness is one of the first unintentional cinematic gutbusters, a proto-noir melodrama so preposterous it’s like a transmission from Mars. Originally an Afterschool Special for the tent revival set, a modern Reefer viewing is a hilarious romp through the American establishment’s bottomless paranoia — proving how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve yet to go. For eighty years since its creation, this seminal cult classic has captured the imaginations of stoners, curiosity seekers and movie maniacs. Come join the party — vive le reefer!

And if you’re in the proper mood following the screening, we suggest you stick around for a double feature of Hard Ticket To Hawaii!

• Rated

Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig, Lillian Miles