Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Directed by
John Hughes

Central Cinema presents the John Hughes family favorite, just in time for the holidays. (NOTE: Beyond the brief explosions of foul language that earned it an R rating, PT&A is pretty family-friendly. Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult.)

“A riotously springy holiday knockabout.” – The Washington Post

Easily excitable Neal is somewhat of a control freak. Trying to get home to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with his wife and kids, his flight is rerouted to a distant city in Kansas because of a freak snowstorm, and his sanity begins to fray. Worse yet, he is forced to bunk up with talkative Del Griffith, whom he finds extremely annoying. Together they must overcome the insanity of holiday travel to reach their intended destination.

• Rated

Steve Martin, John Candy, Edie McClurg