Marble City Opera: I Can’t Breathe

Marble City Opera: I Can't Breathe

Directed by

MCO-CantBreatheCentral Cinema is pleased to be teaming up with Marble City Opera for a series of screened productions of their pandemic-era productions, offering a big screen encore of performances many fans may have missed. Join us every other Wednesday in August for this exciting local arts collaboration! Click here for more info about this limited series.

Brandon Gibson & Leslie Burrs’ I CAN’T BREATHE

Directed by Jonathan Clark
Conducted by Garrett McQueen
Filmed by Jim Johnson Productions

“I Can’t Breathe” is an opera that explores themes of grief, loss, love, identity, and hope. It was inspired by and written in the wake of repeated instances of fatal police brutality. The stories told are NOT dramatizations of any real-life incident. Instead, we meet six fictional characters from different walks of life, each named for a different archetype. Lives that in one way or another are forever changed when innocent interactions with law enforcement go wrong. The opera highlights how things like good manners, a clean-cut appearance, and compliance with orders too often can’t protect people of color from being treated as inherently dangerous. Six vignettes portray different facets of the African American experience and ultimately seek to answer the question, “How many more”?


Wednesday 8/17
6:00 pm