Marble City Opera: Amelia Lost + Shadowlight

Marble City Opera: Amelia Lost + Shadowlight

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MCO-ameliaCentral Cinema is pleased to be teaming up with Marble City Opera for a series of screened productions of their pandemic-era productions, offering a big screen encore of performances many fans may have missed. Join us every other Wednesday in August for this exciting local arts collaboration! Click here for more info about this limited series.

AMELIA LOST – Inspired by Amelia Earhart and a homeless woman whom composer, Larry Delinger encountered in California. The opera uses Amelia Earhart’s actual words to create the story. The homeless woman believes that she is Amelia Earhart experiencing her final flight as well as mental flashes that take her in and out of her various realities. (Filmed by Philip Marlowe)

SHADOWLIGHT – Art, light, and friendship tell the story of celebrated African-American painter Beauford Delaney, who left the segregated South for the heady freedom of the Harlem Renaissance and Bohemian Paris. Famous singers, actors, writers, and artists adored him, Foremost among them his ‘spiritual son,’ writer James Baldwin, who credits his beloved mentor with teaching him how to live, learn, and see. This genial soul, frequently suicidal, was plagued by poverty and schizophrenic voices. Art became his lifeline, and he filled hundreds of bright canvases with joy and hope. Writer Henry Miller called them ‘canticles to the sun.’ Delaney’s journey out of darkness, ‘the misery,’ he called it, ‘of which the jewel of life is formed,’ is a splendid testament to the courage and resilience of a gifted man who found in the mystical marriage of color and shape the healing grace of love. (Filmed by Jim Johnson Productions)


Wednesday 8/31
6:00 pm