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Half Baked

Directed by
Tamra Davis

Half Baked posterWhen a member of their crew (Harland Williams) gets arrested for accidentally killing a police horse with junk food, three stoners (Dave Chappelle, Jim Bruer and Guillermo Diaz) develop a dangerous and complicated plan to raise his bail money.

Among the COVID crisis’ most trivial casualties was a month-long 4/20. We had plenty of stoner movies in mind but this year we’ve only got room for one, and there wasn’t much question of which to pick. 

Please note: we would appreciate it if you did not bring any illicit items into our theater.

“Riotous, even to the sober.” – Arizona Daily Star

Please note that all Central Cinema screenings currently require a mask or face-covering for entry. We are only selling 40 tickets per showtime, so be sure to preorder yours now by clicking on the showtimes below!

• Rated

Dave Chappelle, Guillermo Díaz, Jim Breuer


DATESaturday 4/17Sunday 4/18Monday 4/19Tuesday 4/20
4:20 pm
10:00 pm
4:20 pm
4:20 pm
7:00 pm