Grindhouse Grind-out 2019 Encore

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We had a great response to this year’s Grindhouse Grind-out competition during Knoxville Horror Fest, and we want to give the unsuspecting public one last chance to catch this year’s collection of short films and trailers, produced in six days and sixty-six minutes from a list of ridiculous exploitation-style film genres.

This encore screening will be followed by one of the contest’s primary inspirations, the 2007 Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino collaboration Grindhouse. Standalone tickets to the Grind-out are $10, or you can pair it with Grindhouse for an all-night $15 double feature.

Featured films include Garage Monster’s Ad Canalis (Cult-sploitation), Oh Shit’s Bitch Kennel (Kids TV-sploitation), Dark Sun’s Weed Fly (Halloweensploitation), Lumos’s Incisor (Biopic-sploitation), Dirty Drag’s Titular Character (Stephen Kingsploitation), Bottomless Pit’s The Murder Drive (Noir-sploitation), SofaCouchMovieFilms’ Ad You Wish (Black Mirror-sploitation), Lil Worm’s Under The Influence (Influencer-sploitation), Seventy Thirty’s Just Say Nope (PSA-sploitation), Fig City’s The Unending Of Teens (SyFy-sploitation), Freak to the Beat’s The Side Effect (Propaganda Film), The Monster Squad’s Give My Love To Rose (Lifetime-spolitation), City Girls’s Here We Share (Postapocalypsploitation), and Stache Bros’s controversial Aspects (Fake News-sploitation)!

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