Directed by
Guy Hamilton

GoldfingerThe first two James Bond movies made a star out of Sean Connery, but it was the third that really set the stage for a deathless franchise currently casting its seventh (!) incarnation of the world’s most famous fictional spy. GOLDFINGER introduces the Aston Martin, leans in to Q’s gadgetry and contains some of the series’ most famous characters, but more than anything else it established the zippy, endlessly entertaining template that would define Bond movies for the next 40 years. Come celebrate with us this Father’s Day weekend with our first-ever Bond!

The powerful tycoon Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) has initiated Operation Grand Slam, a cataclysmic scheme to raid Fort Knox and obliterate the world economy. James Bond (Sean Connery), armed with his specially equipped Aston Martin, must stop the plan by overcoming several outrageous adversaries.

“The most enjoyable of the James Bond thrillers starring Sean Connery — perhaps because it’s the most comic and cartoony in look as well as conception.” – Chicago Reader