F13th Fan Film Mixtape

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Join us for a very special Friday The 13th Late Show presentation as we follow up the 54 FLASHBACK local filmmaking showcase with a program of choice fan-made films themed around horror’s premiere franchise.

From our friends at AGFA:

In the 1980s and 90s, no psychopathic maniac was more popular than Jason Voorhees. So it makes perfect sense that any kid with access to a camcorder would film their own Voorhees-inspired epic . . . even if it meant lighting themselves on fire with a homemade blowtorch. AGFA and Bleeding Skull! are proud to present THE F13TH FAN FILM MIXTAPE — an awe-inspiring compilation of the best-of-the-best in DIY Voorhees tributes from Jason’s biggest fans. Underage driving! Cameos from Michael Myers! Illegal usage of songs by The Beastie Boys! Featuring digest versions of our favorite full-length rippers, unseen trailers, and deranged clips, THE F13TH FAN FILM MIXTAPE is a valentine to the greatest horror franchise in history. And also teenage lunatics everywhere.

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DATEFriday 12/13
10:00 pm