Martial Arts Theatre

Crippled Avengers

Directed by
Cheh Chang

In this classic martial arts adventure, Tu Tin-To (Chen Kuan-Tai) and his son (Lu Feng) are unscrupulous warlords drunk with power who will cripple anyone who crosses their path. Five men who have fallen victim to the violence of Tu Tin-To and his son band together — a blind man (Phillip Kwok Tsui), a deaf-mute (Lo Meng), a man with no legs (Sun Chien), a man who has been rendered an imbecile through torture (Chiang Sheng), and a gifted kung-fu master. The master teaches the four maimed men deadly fighting skills, and they set forth to reclaim their village from Tu Tin-To’s reign of terror. Originally titled Can Que, the film was also released as Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms.

Hong Kong
• Rated

Phillip Kwok Tsui, Lo Meng, Sun Chien, Chiang Sheng