Directed by
Jack Hill

Central Cinema is pleased to present one of our most-requested flashback features: the 1973 revenge thriller that put Pam Grier on the map as black Hollywood’s most beautiful & badass superstar. (Double featuring with Grier’s late-career epic Jackie Brown on Friday & Saturday!)

“Jack Hill directs for maximal suspense, violence, and voyeuristic appeal.” – Chicago Reader

“[Pam Grier] has a kind of physical life to her that is sometimes missing in beautiful actresses. She doesn’t seem to be posing or doing the fashion-model bit; she gets into an action role and does it right.” – Roger Ebert

As a nurse, Coffy (Pam Grier) has seen the ill effects of drugs up close, but it isn’t until her little sister becomes addicted to heroin that she finally decides to wage a one-woman battle. Disguised as a prostitute, Coffy goes on a killing rampage, at first going after street dealers and pimps such as sleazy King George (Robert DoQui), then gradually working her way up to bigger honchos. She’s shocked, however, when she discovers that her politician boyfriend (Booker Bradshaw) is involved.

• Rated

Pam Grier, Booker Bradshaw, Robert DoQui