Catacombs & Comedians

Catacombs & Comedians

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Roll for hilarity! Stand-up comedy crosses swords with Dungeons & Dragons and myth meets mirth. Join an amusing adventuring party of intrepid comedians as they explore a realm both fanciful and funny while playing the world’s greatest role-playing game live on stage. With a show called Catacombs & Comedians, it’s bound to get weird.

Creator and Dungeon Master Dan Taylor’s first Knoxville campaign will feature notable local comics Rowan Young, Liz Brooks, Jeff Blank, Keith Marcell, and Joanna Brooker.

Third-Party Event Notice: this screening or performance is presented by an outside organization using Central Cinema as a venue for hire. Questions regarding content, ticketing and other event-specific information should be directed to the organizers.


Wednesday 4/26
7:30 pm