Enjoy The Silents

Battleship Potemkin with live score

Directed by
Sergei Eisenstein

We’re pleased to present a very special collaborative film happening centered around Sergei Eisenstein’s landmark agitprop saga. The film will be introduced by Enjoy The Silents series curator Kelly Robinson, live-scored by local film composer William Wright and his ensemble, and followed by a special Cinematary Podcast segment as the Cinematary team continues their annual Old Films / Young Critics series.

Admission to this event is $8.

When they are fed rancid meat, the sailors on the Potemkin revolt against their harsh conditions. Led by Vakulinchuk (Aleksandr Antonov), the sailors kill the officers of the ship to gain their freedom. Vakulinchuk is also killed, and the people of Odessa honor him as a symbol of revolution. Tsarist soldiers arrive and massacre the civilians to quell the uprising. A squadron of ships is sent to overthrow the Potemkin, but the ships side with the revolt and refuse to attack.

• Rated

Aleksandr Antonov, Vladimir Barskiy, Grigoriy Aleksandrov