Employee Picks: Jason


Directed by
Robert Vincent O'Neil

Angel posterMolly Stewart (Donna Wilkes) is at the top of her class at a prestigious private high school. But what her classmates and teachers don’t know is that Molly survives by working nights as a prostitute on Hollywood Blvd, in the company of her friends: a worldly transvestite, a retired cowboy movie star, and her cantankerous but kind-hearted landlady. However, her world begins to fall apart when a depraved, necrophiliac serial killer begins targeting LA’s streetwalkers. Mixing slasher-styled killing with the sweetness of an Afterschool Special, Angel is one of the seminal exploitation films of the early 1980s.

Jason’s Employee Pick is a wild, taboo-breaking B-picture about an enterprising young woman and the killer that haunts her double life.



DATEFriday 8/6Saturday 8/7Sunday 8/8
10:45 pm
9:45 pm