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Support Central Cinema by securing your personalized spot on our contributor wall!

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Upgrading our seats in June 2020 meant losing the personalized armrests we’d made through our original crowdfunding campaign. At the same time we were getting a lot of questions from the community about supporting us through the COVID-19 closure. The two issues had a common solution, so we launched a “COVID Catch-Up” GoFundMe allowing fans to help keep us afloat by sponsoring custom 4″ tiles to be displayed on the walls of Central Cinema.

We’ve moved this option to our webstore for easier record-keeping, but the details are the same: for your $30 contribution you choose a favorite film to be represented on our lobby wall, along with your name or dedication. 

Please be sure to fill out the fields above, including an alternate movie choice in case yours is taken! (If both choices are already spoken for we’ll e-mail you and work it out.)

If you’d like to order more than one tile please add them to your cart one at a time so we can retain the proper info for each tile.

If you’d like to see a selection of completed designs, you can check out a gallery here. If you already sponsored a tile but don’t see it it in the gallery, do us a favor and visit our confirmation form to make sure we’ve got your full info. (It’s a long story.)