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Central Cinema Lineup Announcement

It’s just been just short of a year since we announced the Central Cinema project, and as I write this we’re roughly a month out from opening. (Rest assured we’re as eager to set a date as you are to hear one, but we aren’t looking to tempt fate.) And since we launched there’s one question we’ve heard more than anything else, and never been able to confidently answer: “What’s the first movie you’re going to show?

So in lieu of an opening date, here’s fourteen answers to that question.

You can find a listing of the announced films below, but before that we wanted to mention something that may seem mundane to you but is exciting to us: our new website is up and open for browsing! So take a look around… it’s still a little thin without opening dates, but you may find some interesting details hiding in our Frequently Asked Questions and Services pages, or go show some of our supporters, partners & sponsors some love… particularly our friends at McKay Books. (Also huge thanks to Brooklyn-based Knoxville native Christian Cox for outfitting us with our new look, featured in the trailer and at the top of this site.)

If you’re excited about Central Cinema please follow us on social media and keep your eyes peeled… things will start happening very quickly very soon. Don’t forget our GoFundMe page is still going for the time being, offering special Founding Memberships, discounted regular memberships and exclusive Preview Club benefits getting you advance access to Central Cinema as we fine-tune our presentation. (We’ll also be briefly reopening our Adopt-An-Arm program sometime in the next week or so, and those will go fast!) And if you’re a business or group who’d like to advertise or partner up with Central Cinema, please shoot us an email!

See you real soon,

Nick Huinker
General Manager


Classic movie series and one-off theatrical events have become popular in recent years, and Central Cinema aims to become a regular destination for film fans marking the all-time greats (or even just personal favorites) off their list.


In addition to existing favorites Central Cinema will host a range of independent, international and nonfiction films that would otherwise go unshown in the Knoxville area.


Every Saturday and Sunday we'll be featuring a family-oriented favorite, plus special snacks & video delights for younger audiences.


And we'll naturally be offering a selection of offbeat programming for the grownups, staying open late to spotlight the weird, wild & challenging.